STARworks Glass Artist Residency/ Internship Requirements and Instructions

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We encourage all applicants to use our online application process. Applications for all Residency/Internship periods are due by the September 30 deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants will be notified in November.

To apply online: please upload and submit the following files by going to Enter into the “Friend’s Email” tab. Enter your email address. Please put your name and contact info into the message field. Upload your files and click transfer.

  1. Completed application form. Download the form, fill it out and upload.
  2. Two letters of recommendation – Hardcopy letters can be sent directly to the STARworks P.O. Box listed at the bottom of this page, emailed to, or uploaded into the application files. Please note: contact information for two references are required on the application form.
  3. Ten Images of applicant’s work.
    • Specifications for images:
      • Resolution of 300 dpi, saved as JPEG file format
      • 6 inches in the largest dimension
      • Title/save each image with your last name and number of work to indicate order (i.e. Doe01, Doe02, etc...)
      • Image No. 1 should represent work you feel is of the best quality.
      • DO NOT format images in the form of a presentation
      • DO NOT submit more than 10 images
      • For questions regarding the submission of video and sound work please contact 
  4. Image information sheet. List in viewing order and indicate:
    • Title of piece
    • Description/technique
    • Dimensions and date of completion
  5. One paragraph biography and a list of any previous residencies
  6. Statement of Intent – Explain how you would use the time of your residency/internship to benefit your artistic career. Describe the intentions and goals of the residency/internship period. Indicate the primary technique you will employ during the Residency/Internship period.
  7. Current Resume/C.V.
  8. Residency Financial Assistance form. You do not need to submit this when applying for an internship. Specifications for all documents: Acceptable file formats for all documents except images include Microsoft Word or PDF. Documents must be saved with applicant last name and short title of item.