Glass Studio Rental


Rental Facilities

STARworks Glass Lab is a state of the art glass studio built by Wet Dog Glass, one of the top glass equipment fabricators in the country. The shop is equipped with a 740 lb Electric Day Tank furnace and a 250 lb gas furnace, a 9, 12, 15 & 18-inch glory holes and a 21" glory hole available on special request. There is a stack of four front-loading annealers and a third, large front-loader. We also have two large top loading annealing ovens that are capable of reaching higher temperatures for kiln casting. The garage has ample space with a port for pipes and rods.

For more detailed information, contact Joe Grant at  or 910-428-9001.


Studio Policy

  • First time studio users of STARworks Glass Lab must receive written approval of the Glass Instructor or Head Technician before being allowed to rent time in any of the specific shop areas.
  • There is a minimal rental time of 2 hrs. for hotshop usage, with 1 hr. additional increments unless renting in front of or behind another renter. No half hour rental periods for the hotshop.
  • There is a 30 minute minimum for cold shop rental.
  • Rental time must be prepaid and cancellations must be made at least 24 hrs. prior to rental time, failure to do so will result in charges for time.

Studio Rental Rates

Glory Hole

  • 9" - $25/hour
  • 12" - $25/hour
  • 15" - $30/hour
  • 18" - $35/hour


  • Fusing Oven - $25/firing
  • Garage - $5/hour
  • Hot Torch or Fluffy Torch - $5/hour
  • Cold Shop Equipment - $15/hour
  • Glass - 10lbs/hour provided
  • Glass Usage Above 10lbs/hour - $2.50/lb
  • Glassblowing Bench Tools - Provided
  • Face Shield/Flame Retardant Jacket - Provided
  • Kevlar Gloves - Provided
  • Blocks - Provided
  • Garage Tools, Pastorelli, Fork - Provided


Renters will pay a $30 charge for each 12-16 hour annealing cycle. Longer cycles or larger annealing ovens will be an extra charge to be determined by the studio coordinator.

Casting Oven

Casting oven rates are determined by the number of hours in the cycle.  Call (910) 428-9001.