Monday, February 19, 2018

Firefest 2016 Photos

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Photos are from Firefest 2016. Click the links below to see photos from Firefest 2015 and Firefest 2014.

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Firefest 2016 featured ceramic artist was Sergei Isupov, who made a large sculpture. Sergei, with the help of volunteers created the sculpture on site. It was fired during the event and revealed at peak temperature at Saturday's finale. Click the thumbnails to view larger photos.

Sergei Isupov FF16 mock up TN  Sergei Isupov Sculpture Building FF16 2 TN  Sergei Isupov sculpture building FF16 1 TN  Sculpture firing FF16 1 TN  Sculpture firing FF16 3 TN  Sculpture firing FF16 4 TN  Sculpture firing FF16 5 TN  Sculpture firing FF16 6 TN  Sculpture firing FF16 7 TN  Sculpture firing FF16 8 TN  Sculpture firing FF16 9 TN  Sculpture firing FF16 10 TN  Sergei Isupov finished piece FF16 TN  


Nancy Callan Glassblowing Finale

Nancy Callan was the featured glass artist for Firefest 2016. For the finale, she created a glass globe with with longitude and latitude lines, and stripes of color to symbolize unity, togetherness and community. Click here to watch a video of the Nancy Callan Hot Glass finale.

Nancy Callan finale FF16 1 TN  Nancy Callan finale FF16 2 TN  Nancy Callan finale FF16 3 TN  Nancy Callan finale FF16 4 TN  Nancy Callan finale FF16 6 TN  Nancy Callan finale FF16 7 TN  Nancy Callan finale FF16 8 TN  Nancy Callan finale FF16 9 TN  Nancy Callan finale FF16 10 TN  Nancy Callan finale FF16 13 TN  Nancy Callan finished piece FF16 TN 

Glass Magic with Flambeau the Great

Flambeau the Great and Miss Direction wowed the crowd with the Glass Magic show.

Glass magic FF16 1 TN  Glass magic FF16 2 TN  Glass magic FF16 3 TN  Glass magic FF16 4 TN  Glass magic FF16 5 TN



Artists from Liberty Arts of Durham led the iron pour for the Firefest finale

Iron Pour FF16 1 TN  Iron pour FF16 2 TN  Iron Pour FF16 3 TN  Iron Pour FF16 4 TN

Open Studios, Workshops, Music & More

Glass fusing FF16 1 TN  Glass fusing FF16 2 TN  Glass sand casting FF16 1 TN  Glass sand casting FF16 2 TN  MYO Paperweight FF16 1 TN  Nancy Callan FF 16 2 TN  Nancy Callan FF16 1 TN  Sergei Isupov FF16 1 TN  Sergei Isupov FF16 2 TN  OS Glass FF16 1 TN  OS Glass FF16 3 TN  OS Metal FF16 1 TN  OS Metal FF16 3 TN  Wheel throwing FF16 TN  Welding FF16 TN  Scratch molds FF16 2 TN  Live music FF16 TN