Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fiber Workshops

One-on-One Intro to Weaving

If you are interested in learning how to weave and would like private lessons, you're in luck. You will be provided with the tools and equipment to learn the steps for setting up a loom, planning different pattern possibilities, the process of weaving and finishing cloth pieces of your own design. Could include dye processing and growing your own dye garden or other fiber processes, as well (embroidery, knitting, sewing).

To schedule your lesson, contact Kelsey at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Instruction Only: $25/hour
Instruction with provided materials: $35/hour
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Make Your Own Rag Rug

Repurpose old shirts and jeans you don't wear anymore, and bed sheets you never use into beautiful rag rugs. This is a great workshop for beginners to learn the basics of the loom and enjoy a hands-on approach to learning how to weave. Rag rugs are a simple way to give your old clothing a new life as a small doormat or bath mat, plus it makes a great gift for a friend! All tools provided, but participants will need to bring a few items of cloth (jeans, t-shirts, bed sheets, etc.)

Registration deadline is June 15

Date: June 17Register button
Time: 9am - noon
Instructor: Kelsey Magnuson
Fee: $75
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Intro to Embroidery

Learn how to make the basic stitches used in embroidery. Participants will begin with embroidering letters together and end the workshop with some free time to explore freestyling with thread. This workshop will mostly focus on your ability to illustrate with thread. All materials provided. Participants will leave with a small patch they embroidered themselves.

Registration deadline is June 29

Date: July 1Register button
Time: 10am - noon
Instructor: Kelsey Magnuson
Fee: $50
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Harvesting Color

Learn about the world of natural dyes and how to maintain your very own dye garden. Explore the garden at STARworks and surrounding area to learn about the native and non-native plants that grow well in NC gardens that can be used to dye fabric. Participants will harvest flowers and make at least two dye baths to showcase the colors you can gather from nature. Feel free to bring a small skein of yarn or a piece of cloth you would like to dye. Participants who don't bring their own will still leave with a small sample of dyed cloth.

Registration deadline is July 6

Date: July 8Register button
Time: 9am - noon
Instructor: Kelsey Magnuson
Fee: $75
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Kelsey Magnuson     

Kelsey Magnuson

Kelsey Magnuson discovered textiles while attending Warren Wilson College in Swannonoa, NC. She worked on the Fiber Arts Crew at Warren Wilson, and taught workshops to fellow students and faculty. She also made functional textiles to sell at events and craft fairs. In 2016, Kelsey was awarded Outstanding Student Award by the Surface Design Association. She was the Head of Weaving at a small girls camp in Maine and spent four months traveling the country to perform puppet shows at elementary schools with Red Herring Puppets of Asheville. Kelsey is interested in natural dying and uses plants to produce color on her textiles; creating pieces that are unique to the area she's working in.