Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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STARworks Clay Studio is a shared work space for resident and visiting ceramic artists, and STARworks production staff. It also acts as a studio for ceramic workshops of all skill levels. 

Our facilities allow for large work spaces placed side by side, supporting a collaborative and energetic educational environment. The space allows for six or seven generous studios at one time for residents, production staff and visiting artists, which serves to inspire a creative studio atmosphere and perpetuate an elevated commitment to ceramic craft and art. Our studio is carved out of a larger factory floor, which allows artists to construct customizable studio spaces with plenty of room to work.

STARworks is located minutes away from Seagrove, one of the largest pottery communities in the United States. This allows resident and visiting artists to meet, learn and work together with some of the nation's most renowned ceramic artists, including wood-fire artists. The Seagrove area is home to more than 30 wood kilns in production. More than 100 working artists live and work in Seagrove, creating an interwoven community of clay. Our involvement with the community allows us to facilitate a connection between our residents and local artists in order to encourage an exchange for educational, professional and studio practice development. Seagrove is uniquely robust in the engagement and sustainability of ceramic artists, making it an incredible opportunity for our residents.  

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  • Shimpo & Brent wheels
  • Shimpo mixer pugmill
  • Brent and Bailey slab rollers
  • North Star extruder
  • Spray booth
  • Electric kilns
    • 1.7 cubic ft. test kiln
    • 10 cubic ft. L&L kiln
    • 16 cubic ft. Skutt oval kiln
    • 16 cubic ft. front-loading electric reduction kiln
  • 3-chambered wood kiln with Naborigama, glaze and salt chambers
  • 10 cubic ft. front-loading gas kiln

Residents will have to opportunity to purchase supplies and tools at STARworks Ceramics, which is located on site.

STARworks Center for Creative Enterprise

STARworks Ceramics Materials and Clay Factory carries over 100 types of materials and tools for potters, and manufactures local clay bodies using raw North Carolina clays.  

STARworks Glass Studio is a non-profit public access glass studio with state-of-the-art glass equipment built by Wet Dog Glass, one of the top glass equipment fabricators in the country.

STARworks Clay Studio is a non-profit clay studio with large workspaces placed side by side, supporting a collaborative and energetic educational environment.

STARworks has has an iron melting cupola, a 30" x 30" coke forge, a 6" open pass-through forge, anvil, mold making, and MIG and TIG welding.